Wheat and tares and avoiding ideology

Posted August 2, 2019 8:25 pm by Deborah Gyapong

Wheat and tares and avoiding ideology

The Shared Treasure blog put an interesting post up July 28 about the dangers Ordinariate communities face in the guise of individuals who lure members offside into ideologies from the left or the right.
In The Tares Among the Wheat: the challenge to emergent communities The blogger writes:

Because many are currently small (like a mustard seed! – cf St. Mark 4:30–32) and enthusiastic, emergent faith communities are ready targets for aggressive individuals that seek to appropriate a community’s immediacy and energy.

Extremists (too strong a descriptor?) insinuate themselves into a community and like malicious microbes infect their host, sapping its vitality and

Read more ... https://anglicanorumcoetibussociety.blog/

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