The First Island Acadian Lawyer & Judge

Posted March 16, 2019 4:32 am by The Diocese of Charlottetown

The First Island Acadian Lawyer & Judge

Spotlight Layman: Stanislaus Blanchard

Born at Rustico in 1854, he was the son of Marin Blanchard and his wife Anne Martin. His father was a school teacher and one of the promoters and first cashier of the Farmer’s Bank in Rustico.

Stanislaus Blanchard

Stan, the youngest of eleven children, received his early education in schools conducted by his father, after which he attended St. Dunstan’s College for two years and taught school for another two years. He then began the private study of law in Charlottetown with lawyer William Sullivan (later premier of P.E.I. and long-time chief justice here).  

In 1881 he

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