Celibate Love and the Cycle of Tenderness

Posted February 28, 2018 4:12 am by Cynthia Millen

Celibate Love and the Cycle of Tenderness

“The vow of celibacy is a matter of keeping one’s word to Christ and the Church. a duty and a proof of the priest’s inner maturity; it is the expression of his personal dignity.”
—Pope St. John Paul II
“There is no force in the world better able to alter anything from its course than love.”
—Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J.

What If Everyone Saw?
As I began to write this on St. Valentine’s Day, intending to celebrate and honor the unselfish and “true” love of celibate men and women — priests, religious, and others who choose to be celibate in specific times or relationships

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