Meditation – A gift for the multitudes

Posted February 8, 2018 4:15 am by Editor

Meditation –  A gift for the multitudes

Matthew 13:1-9The glad
tidings which these pages of the Gospel offer us tell us of Jesus’ relationship
with the crowds, with the multitudes – and Matthew, unlike Mark (4:1), speaks
in the plural to indicate through them the totality of human beings – who go to
him. Jesus answers them by teaching, talking, giving them the Word which is one
of the greatest gifts that the Lord made to his people Israel (cf. Deuteronomy
4:32-33) and to the Church (cf. Jn 17:7, 14), in order that they might be
witnesses among the peoples (cf. Lk 24:45-48).Yes,
Matthew proclaims the Lord’s great love for all men and women who

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