Convicted Jihadist Rises to Top Post at London Southwark Council

Posted January 13, 2018 10:15 pm by CJ Wyatt

Convicted Jihadist Rises to Top Post at London Southwark Council
Convicted jihadist, Mulumebet Girma, was given a “top job” at the Southwark Council in London in 2013. She served time for assisting in the attempted murder of Tube passengers in 2005. Here’s the Sky News coverage.
Girma was fired from her post at the council after her involvement in the terror plot came to light.
In a statement, Girma claims she told her employer that she had been jailed. Yet, seemingly, no one could be bothered to run a proper background check or type her name into a DuckDuckGo or Google search bar. A simple search would have uncovered her role in the July 21, 2005 terror plot with her brother-in-law, Hussein Osman. 
It took me less than 20 seconds before finishing my morning coffee to find her very own Wikipedia page. Get an eyeful. 

The face of your oppressor. Girma on the cover of the council magazine.
According to the BBC’s report, Girma’s position at the council did not give her access to police watch list data. Access to such information would put Londoners directly in harm’s way if she were still waging political jihad. Even if she repented of her involvement in the 2005 terror plot there’s still the risk of her being “gotten to” by those itching to bring Londoners into submission. 
That said, The Sun reports that she controlled a database that listed individuals with potential “links to terrorism…” 
What more can be said about this precarious situation? London has a habit of hiring negligent and/or degenerate elements to their housing councils. Remember the infamous Rotherham rape gang cover-upPC culture seems to grease the gears of council business. 

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