"Coming soon: ‘Lincolnshire Sharia Police’"

Posted January 13, 2018 10:15 pm by CJ Wyatt

"Coming soon: ‘Lincolnshire Sharia Police’"
YouTube commenters are blasting the UK’s Lincolnshire Police for releasing a pro-Muslim video on their channel. People are calling out the video as PC propaganda.

The video is Ellen DeGeneres-tier pap. At the 8:23 mark, Bana Gora, Chief Executive of the Muslim Women’s Council in Bradford says the following:

“I think for us as Muslims we’re enraged when we hear people are committing attacks in our religion — in the name of Islam. For us, our religion is a peaceful religion. And anybody who doesn’t abide to that is outside the religion.”

That old familiar bit. Anyone with superficial knowledge of Mohammed knows this is false. Gora, along with the other interviewees, either have skin-deep knowledge of their own religion or are malevolent tricksters in the ongoing hypnosis of the UK.

May St John Damascene pray for the British Isles! Their institutions have fallen for the wicked pseudo-reality. They can’t seem to help themselves. We’re witnessing a collective return to the vomit in realtime (Proverbs 26.11).

Below, I’ve included a sample of the near unanimous negative backlash in the YouTube comments. Fair warning, the language in the comments section of the YouTube video itself are wide-open and NSFW.

Brian sanders
What a lot of Taqiyya,don’t believe a word of this.

Hippie Gold
Uh, there were no children being raped in this video. I thought you wanted to accurately portray british muslims?

You can ignore reality but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

100% taqiyya. 

Coming soon: ‘Lincolnshire Sharia Police’.

Britain, the whole world is laughing at your weakness.

Joe John
Love the advertisement at the end for the Muslim faith.

Wake up Britains! Your government is funding Muslim proselytizing in the name of tolerance. The time to be concerned with appearing racist is over. The time to be concerned with tolerance is over. If you don’t fight back your grandchildren won’t have a Britain!

Pepper TN
Sad for the once Great Nation of Britain. The PC has gotten out of control.

les ferguson
Why no mention of the epidemic of grooming gangs prevalent throughout the UK , maybe this doesn’t fit your propaganda narrative ,

Red more ... https://facingislam.blogspot.ca/

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