The Pope is Coming

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The Pope is Coming

Chile Looks Forward to Pope Francis’ Visit

Apostolic Journey from January 15-18, 2018
Continental China: Monsignors Luke Li Jingfeng & Matthias Yu Chengxin Deceased

Mourning in the Episcopate of Fengxiang and Hanzhong
St. Margaret of Scotland–This Remarkable, Pious Woman is Patroness to Mothers, Large Families, Widows and Deceased Children

Margaret was as devout in her private life as she was in public
Pope Mourns Lives Lost in Bus Accident in Peru

Sends Telegram of Condolences for Some 50 Victims
Poland: Church Statistics for 2016

Published by the Institute for Catholic Church Statistics in Poland
Uruguay: Pope Receives Ambassador

Mario Juan Bosco Cayota Zappettini Presents Credentials

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