Alien Life: Notions and Research

Posted January 4, 2018 10:21 pm by Brian H. Gill

Alien Life: Notions and Research

Scientists have been discussing alien life for some time: where it could be, what it might be like, and how we could find it.
Quite a few non-scientists have been talking about the same thing.
Some have pretty good grip on what we’ve been learning since Aristotle got famous and Anaxagoras didn’t.
Others have contributed to supermarket tabloid covers. And made informed discussion of extraterrestrial intelligence harder.
Or more interesting, depending on your viewpoint. I see it as a bit of both.
Experts: 1950s to 2018
Putting This Universe in Perspective
Time and Technology

News and Views
Are we Alone?
Fermi’s Paradox and a New Publication
Good Intentions

Alien Life: What If?

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