Church Survival

Posted December 31, 2017 7:34 pm by Zenit Team

Church Survival

In Cairo, a Christmas Season Tinged With Sorrow

Young girl just observed 1st anniversary of “the martyrdom” of her father
Pope’s Address to Italian Theological Association

50th Anniversary of Their Founding
‘For an Outgoing Missionary Church, Theological Ministry Is an Urgent, Important Priority’

Pope Addresses Italian Theological Association
Twenty-three Catholic Missionaries Were Killed in the World in 2017

End of Year Statement Issued by Vatican Agency Fides
Patriarch Younan: In Syria & Iraq, Survival of One of Oldest Christian Churches Is Being Threatened

Patriarch of Antioch for Syriac Catholic Church Says Shepherds Will Continue Crying Out for Middle East Christians’ Rights to Be Defended
Pope Benedict: A Priest Never Really

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