Snow Scent 

Posted November 4, 2017 6:40 am by Anna Eastland

Snow Scent 

Last night it smelled like snow–
when I stepped outside 
the air was crisp and icy–
pregnant with promise.  
In my garden 
the late blooming sunflowers
with their damp, cold petals
looked crestfallen and forlorn
as if thinking:
“I wasn’t expecting this!”

In the early morning half-light
I see the rooftops are powdered with icing sugar.
The kids wake up with excitement
and begin dreaming of gingerbread. 
My seven year old starts spouting:
“Snow says Christmastime…stuff has to stop growing sometime. 
If flowers never stopped growing there would be vines everywhere
Even in the road, and the cars could hardly go.”
Well, there you go. The seasons explained!

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