Julie Payette, Canada's Governor General should resign

Posted November 4, 2017 8:10 pm by Editor

Julie Payette, Canada's Governor General should resign
Governor General of Canada: Julie Payette

Perhaps you have heard that Canada’s Governor General in addressing those present at a science conference decided to insult every believer in the land. What did she say? She basically made fun of Canadians who believe in God and creationism. She also criticized those who consult horoscopes and don’t accept climate change as a proven fact.

The Governor General is a former astronaut and we can assume studied science, but this gives her no right to ridicule and look down on most Canadians. Her obsession with “science” has gone to her head. Yes, the Governor General thinks that many Canadians are just plain stupid (they are not as smart and cool as she is) because they believe in old ideas like God. And of course the National Broadcaster the CBC and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are there to cheer lead her on. Even the Environment Minister Catherine McKenna was there in support with this Tweet: “Could not be prouder that @GGJuliePayette stands up for the science on climate change. We live in a good country, Canada.” It’s a very “good country” if you’re one of the elites in government squandering taxpayers’ money and hiding your investment portfolio from taxation. McKenna’s comment is not at all reassuring for Canadians who want some level of objectivity from its elected leaders. Canadians don’t want its government to be a fan of the Governor General.

Payette has forgotten that she merely represents the Queen in Canada. Has she forgotten that the Queen in name is actually the head of the Anglican Church? Queen Elizabeth is officially the “Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England.” Nobody today would even suggest that the Queen’s role is to evangelize, but we cannot forget history. Perhaps Payette can look the reason for this. And even if Payette were the Queen herself, she is not elected to her position but chosen by the ruling government. It’s a very privileged appointment. She should be neutral on the political issues of the day, not biased and divisive.

Payette and the Liberal party want Canadians to forget the words of the national anthem that refer to God, not climate: “God keep our land glorious and free!/ O Canada, we stand on guard for thee./ O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.” However, even Liberals cannot totally erase history.

Payette should be bringing Canadians together instead of dividing them. Her crude and insensitive remarks show that she has little or no understanding of Canadian history, Indigenous values and the nation’s Christian heritage.

Payette’s must think that she can freely insult Canadians of faith and those who question climate change. This is wrong. She has mocked every Christian and person of belief. It’s an insulting and condescending attitude. If Payette really believes that Canada’s democracy has no room for those who believe in God, and that she has the right to preach secularism to Canadians, then she is not the right person to be Governor General. She should now do the right thing and resign. What are the chances of that happening with this Liberal government?

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