Ears of the Forest 

Posted October 29, 2017 5:45 am by Anna Eastland

Ears of the Forest 

These tiny white tendrils
perched like innocent ears atop a mossy log
listening to the secrets of the forest…
What stories could they tell us, if they had mouths?
For they have heard the early morning trilling of birds
when everything else was silent
save for dew drops dripping from tall trees
bearded with curly mosses.

They have listened to the lapping of water
at the lake’s edge,
the liquid murmurs flowing over submerged logs 
soaked with sunken memories
–mine, too–
ones I dare not extract from their watery repose
lest I tumble in and get absorbed by their somnolence. 
These little glowing ears…
they could tell of green and growing things,
of red and rotting things,

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