Hope in the Bubble Zone

Posted October 27, 2017 1:58 am by John Paul Meenan, Editor

Well, alas, as expected, Ontario passed the ‘bubble-zone’ law yesterday, as our once-noble Dominion creeps, or careens as the case may be, ever-closer to thanatophilic totalitarianism. Also, as expected, the vote was rather much the same as the second reading a few days ago, with only one MPP voting against, Jack MacLaren of the Trillium party.  And, again, the sad little troop of conservative MPP’s, Oosterhoff, McNaughton and others, upon whom pro-lifers pinned such hopes, absenting themselves.  One may presume they were told to do so by their benighted leader, Patrick Brown, once pro-life, now, in an expedient Al Gore-esque

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