Isn't Time Fun When You're Having Flies…?

Posted October 21, 2017 11:52 am by Editor

Isn't Time Fun When You're Having Flies…?

…as one frog said to the other!

I hadn’t intended to stop blogging, I just couldn’t think of anything positive to say, given the situation. I thought a short break (albeit an “unofficial”, unannounced one) might help to restore some much-needed perspective.

And now I see, to my utter amazement, that my short break has actually lasted ten months, and I’m very nearly ready to post more stuff about Christmas.

I was very moved when I received a message, via His Hermeneuticalness, from one reader who said I should start blogging regularly again. So there is at least one person keeping an eye out for activity on my blog. Somehow I doubt that he was hoping to read any more cat and seagull posts, but we shall see what comes up…


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