"Diversity is our strength" says Justin Trudeau: is it?

Posted October 7, 2017 3:57 pm by Editor

"Diversity is our strength" says Justin Trudeau: is it?
“Diversity is our strength,” so says Canada’s Prime Minister. But is it truly our strength or the politically correct way to divide the country and silence opposition? Canadians should remember the tweet by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Diversity is our strength … We celebrate the many different languages spoken in our great country.” Really or just political opportunism? The tweet has been used as open invitation to “refugees” living in America and elsewhere to come to Canada. No documentation required.

In addition, the phrase should remind Canadians that Justin’s father Pierre in 1967 said this, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” He lied because the Liberal government of the day entered the bedrooms of the nation and we still can’t get them out. How was it done? Through the legalization of abortion, the push for homosexuality, the availability of contraceptives and a casino close to most neighbourhoods. We owe all this to Trudeau senior.

Justin Trudeau’s diversity isn’t inclusive enough for Canadians who simply want immigrants and refugees coming to the country to want to live and respect Canadian laws. But even to question refugees coming from the United States isn’t being diverse and inclusive enough. Canadians must have that generous heart just like the Liberals. That the Liberal government uses, and often wastes, tax money to be so caring and welcoming is another story. 
Trudeau’s “diversity” means that Canadians must be in support of legalized marijuana, Bill C-45. Canadians are being told that it’s important to take the sale of harmful drugs off the black market. It’s better for the government to legally market and tax them. This way the Liberals have more tax dollars to spend on the culture of death.

The Liberal government is actually breaking the Convention on the Rights of the Child Treaty signed in 1989. Legalizing marijuana violates Articles 3, 6 and 27 since the law permits “home grown: marijuana and its use in the home.” Furthermore, Article 33 of the Treaty states: “Governments should use all means possible to protect children from the use of harmful drugs and from being used in the drug trade.” However, none of this fits the diversity model that the Liberal party supports.

Trudeau’s “diversity” is about abortion on demand, legalized euthanasia and gender identity including transgenderism. All these services are fully covered by the health care system. Even Mifegymiso, the chemical abortion pill is covered at $350 each. Canadians can kill the unborn baby for free. The state will do all the dirty and evil work. Moreover, the Trudeau Liberals have allocated $650 million dollars to export abortion and population control to Africa. This amounts to reverse colonization, but it’s just fine because it’s the “right and just” kind of “diversity” for our time.

Canadians who are pro-family and pro-life just aren’t diverse and progressive enough. So, the Trudeau Liberals have enacted laws like Bill 16, An Act to Amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to bring them in line. What does the law do? In summary, the legislation’s purpose is this:

The bill is intended to protect individuals from discrimination within the sphere of federal jurisdiction and from being the targets of hate propaganda, as a consequence of their gender identity or their gender expression. The bill adds ‘gender identity or expression’ to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act and the list of characteristics of identifiable groups protected from hate propaganda in the Criminal Code. It also adds that evidence that an offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on a person’s gender identity or expression constitutes an aggravating circumstance for a court to consider when imposing a criminal sentence.

Liberal “diversity” has come to include the total acceptance transgenderism and Canadians that object may face the Human Rights Commission and possibly be sent to jail. “Diversity” is truly Canada’s strength if you’re on the politically correct side.

Justin Trudeau “diversity” doesn’t include the pipeline that would have taken oil from Western Canada to the Eastern provinces, including Quebec. The Liberal government made sure the $16 billion dollar project that would have created thousands of jobs would never be approved. How? The Liberals used politics and virtue signalling about protecting the environment, clean energy, carbon taxes and climate change. The Trudeau Liberals care about the environment but not the human environment where an unborn baby is developing. There are no “safe zones” for the baby in the womb. It’s all so hypocritical.

Yes, it’s just fine to import oil from Saudi Arabia that comes via tankers and from the United States. Trudeau the self-declared feminist has no problem doing business with Saudi Arabia, a nation that treats women as second class citizens. This should come as no surprise for those who know that Trudeau greatly admires countries like Cuba and China. It was oil coming from America on train cars that exploded and caught fire at Lac Megantic. Perhaps Western Canada will finally say they’ve had enough of Trudeau’s diversity and demand that the equalization payments from the West to Quebec and other Eastern provinces be stopped. It’s only fair. There is no good reason for the people of Alberta and Saskatchewan to continue to send billions of dollars to provinces that refuse to do business with them. This will no unify the country.

The Trudeau Liberals cannot continue to virtual signal about the importance of the environment, feminism, sexual and Indigenous rights and climate change. This is just Liberal diversity. It’s a duplicitous diversity that refuses to even consider that the innocent child in the womb might have human rights too. Trudeau recently opposed the nomination of MP Rachel Harder as chairperson for the House of Commons Status of Women Committee. Why? Because Harder had different views on abortion. Is this not the dictatorship of diversity? And democracy defined by the Liberal government. We don’t think the majority of Canadians agree with the Prime Minister? Do you? Canadians want another kind of diversity, the one that truly includes everyone.

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