TDSB celebrates Islamic Heritage Month: or Motion-103?

Posted September 30, 2017 2:53 pm by Editor

TDSB celebrates Islamic Heritage Month: or Motion-103?
The Toronto District School Board, TDSB, in their yearly calendar called Days of Significance lists the month of October as Islamic Heritage Month, IHM. A Resource Guidebook for Educators 2017 has also been developed so that teachers and administrators can use it in the classroom and the entire school system. Is this the start of implementing the anti-Islamophobia Motion-103 passed by the Canadian House of Commons? Will the separate schools do the same thing?

The Guide has glowing statements in support of the event from the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, the Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne and the TDSB Director of Education John Malloy. The IHM is hosted by the Aga Khan Museum. Readers may remember that the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau went on a holiday trip where he and his family visited Khan’s private island costing taxpayers over $200,000.

This is part of what the Guide tells teachers:

The IHM Resource Guidebook includes over 400 items: an educator’s primer; daily morning announcements; books and publications; films and documentaries; curriculum and study guides; writing assignments; art projects; musicians; and a list of speakers, artists and entertainers. The overall objectives of the IHM Resource Guidebook are to showcase ‘the important contributions of Canadian Muslims to Canadian society, the cultural diversity of the Canadian Muslim community and the importance of Canadians learning about each other to foster greater social cohesion.’ We hope that you and your students find the information useful and engaging.

What is the purpose of Islamic Heritage Month? According to the Guide, one of its “key themes” is to fight Islamophobia. This is what Motion-103 is supposed to do. Teachers are told:

The overall theme of IHM for the 2017-2018 school year is ‘Reflect. Celebrate. Learn.’ The theme was identified from the provincial IHM proclamation, with the ultimate goal being that this new understanding will help combat Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment that has, unfortunately, been on the rise across Canada.

The point is a “new understanding will help combat Islamophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment that has, unfortunately, been on the rise across Canada.” So, don’t expect to find in the Guide anything about FGM, female genital mutilation, the controversy over wearing the hijab and niqab, polygamy and the world inspired terrorism and violence caused by some individuals and groups in the name of Islam. Instead, this is how Wynne explains the need for Islamic Heritage Month:

Proclaiming Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario will provide all Ontarians, both today and in future generations, with an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and learn about the rich and longstanding Islamic history in the province and the diverse roles and contributions of Muslim people in communities across Ontario. This new understanding will in turn help combat Islamophobia and other forms of hatred and bigotry.

The theme of IHM is found in the premier’s last sentence: “This new understanding will in turn help combat Islamophobia and other forms of hatred and bigotry.” Again, is it not about Motion-103? Is the premier prepared to take the same respectful stand for Christian and Jewish beliefs when they contradict political correctness? She certainly has not done so with the implementation of the radical sex curriculum that entered Ontario’s public and separate schools in 2015. It seems that a systematic tolerated double-standard permeates political correctness.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau makes this observation about the IHM:

In Canada, our Muslim community, has made, and continues to make, a significant contribution to society. … We celebrate and reflect on the diversity that is a source of strength for Canadians. In our country, we have the opportunity to not only live in harmony with those of every faith and culture imaginable, but flourish together in an open and inclusive society.

Would the prime minister of Canada or the premier of Ontario, if there were a Christian heritage month but there isn’t one on the school calendar, make a similar statement to defend the faith that has been in Canada for more than 450 years? We leave the answer to our readers. The Prime Minister uses all the politically correct buzzwords words to tell Canadians that we are an “inclusive and diversity society.” This is our “a source of our strength,” he tells the world. We have heard the politically correct words too many times. Canadians know the truth: they are included in this “diverse society” if they support and don’t speak out about important issues such as abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, refugees and the legalization of marijuana. And now Motion-103, and so we can add: don’t say anything critical about Islam.

IHM is just the beginning of letting schools and the rest of the country know that Islamophobia, whatever the term means, is in place and Canadians must just accept it. They are to remain silent and co-operate with what the school IHM and Motion-103. The government and school boards know what’s good for Canadians. Trudeau, Wynne, Malloy and Khan know what’s best for students. Just make sure you say complimentary things towards Islam or Muslims. The political force of Islam must  go on even if resistance is justified. We wonder if the “diversity and inclusivity” that the prime minister speaks about has room enough for this blog post.


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