Trudeau's Liberals further undermining Canada

Posted September 10, 2017 11:51 am by Editor

Trudeau's Liberals further undermining Canada
The Justin Trudeau Liberals got elected on the slogan of “change,” but what kind of change? Presently. they are changing the very meaning of citizenship and being Canadian. If any pro-life Canadian wants to be an elected Liberal member of Parliament, you cannot be a Liberal. All Liberal candidates must be pro-death, without exception. The Liberals are fully behind abortion and euthanasia. Liberal MPs must also support government legislation to sell through the provinces marijuana. The latest change is that the Liberals are revamping the rules to citizenship, no doubt to better accommodate the many undocumented refugees coming to Canada. The newcomers have been invited by Justin Trudeau under the false but politically correct motto: “Diversity is our strength.”

The new mandatory requirements for citizenship will include: paying taxes, obeying the law, serving on a jury, respecting treaties and completing the census form. However, here are some the optional duties: participating in politics, bilingualism and respecting human rights.

Yes, it’s not necessary for citizens to be involved in the political process. The Liberal party can better think for you, take care of business and introduce the “right” social policies. The government knows best. And Canadians no longer need to respect human rights because the Canadian parliament passed Motion 103 and so human rights must be Sharia compliant. Canadians, nor their government, must never risk being called “islamaphobic.” It’s important to obey the law and respect treaties, while paying lip service to human rights. This is to make that Canada moves forward in a progressive and Liberal correct manner.

Remember that part of Motion 103 was for the government to study and look at how to “develop a whole-of-government approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia.” The changes to the citizenship requirements are beginning to do just that. And so can expect more of the same.

Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid does an excellent job at explaining and giving reasons for the changes. Watch the video and make your own assessment. Here’s the question that needs to be answered: shouldn’t immigrants be integrating into Canadian society and following the law instead of this unnecessary government push to recognize foreign cultural practices and beliefs? One final point. In 1948, Saudi Arabia objected to signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. Why? The rights violated Sharia Law.


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