Movie Review: The Tribunal

Posted August 31, 2017 4:57 am by The Record

Movie Review: The Tribunal

Tom Morton and Ryan Wesley Gilreath star in a scene from the movie The Tribunal. Photo: CNS/107 Productions.

By John Mulderig
The annulment process provides the unusual courtroom setting for the romantic drama The Tribunal (Freestyle). While the movie’s Catholic values are strong, they come filtered through some faulty filmmaking.
Divorced musician Joe Seacker (Chris Petty) pursues a decree of nullity so that he can wed his devout girlfriend, Emily Vanderslice (Laura Mock).
However, his case requires the testimony of his estranged former bandmate and best friend, Tony Mirakul (Ryan Wesley Gilreath).
Tony was once Emily’s boyfriend and still carries a torch for her while

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