The Ecclesiology of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel

Posted August 23, 2017 8:11 pm by Dr. Adam DeVille

Nearly four years ago now, I interviewed Sarah Hinlicky Wilson about her book Woman, Women, and the Priesthood in the Trinitarian Theology of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel.Behr-Sigel, for those who do not know of her fascinatingly complex life, has been told in a wonderful biography I discussed here.Sarah wrote to me recently to draw my attention to a fascinating new collection I’m looking forward to reviewing: A Communion in Faith and Love: Elisabeth Behr-Sigel’s Ecclesiology (2017, 176pp).About this book we are told:The life and work of Orthodox theologian and ecumenical pioneer Elisabeth Behr-Sigel (1907-2005) still holds radical implications for how we understand authentic Christian life. Born into

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