URGENT: for priests

Posted August 7, 2017 11:23 am by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

URGENT: for priests

Today at Crisis Fr. George Rutler is the purveyor of salutary advice to young priests.  HERE
Of particular interest to me, since I harp on the need for frequent confession:
The Holy Mass is the heart of the Christian life, but to be that, it must proceed from the Sacrament of Confession. With exquisite subtlety the Risen Christ prompted Peter to confess before he sent him out to offer the Eucharist to the heart of the empire. The parish priest should not let a day pass without some time in the confessional, and if no one shows up, that time can be one of prayer, and eventually the people will come. Weekly confession should be the goal for the priest himself. Often the Anti-Christ will tempt the priest to absent the confessional for one reason or another just before a seriously burdened penitent is about to ask to be heard. Humble confessions heard in the sacred tribunal often inspire the priest beyond anything the penitent could understand. Humility is never discouraged by a good examination of conscience, for the Good Physician always has a cure for sickness of soul, be it a defect of the intellect or a weakness of will.
If you don’t, you are running the risk of eternal perdition.  No, really!  We still believe that stuff!
Remember also:
Fr. Z’s prayers for before and after making confessions
Fr. Z’s prayers for before and after hearing confessions
Of course an examination of conscience goes hand in glove with the need for confession and absolution.
Again, for priests, I share now something that a priest friend in my native place, Fr TD, sent me recently.   This is posted at the site of God’s Plan For Life.

Examination of conscience for pastors
This examination of conscience is designed for all pastors as they eagerly strive to meet the challenges of

Read more ... http://wdtprs.com

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