Your Transfiguration Sunday Sermon Notes – PHOTOS and AUDIO

Posted August 6, 2017 11:33 am by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

Your Transfiguration Sunday Sermon Notes – PHOTOS and AUDIO

Was there a good point made in the sermon you heard during the Holy Mass in fulfillment your of Sunday Obligation? Let us know.  Good points, please.
For my part, I explained that today’s Feast, Eastern in spirit, was made universal in the West by Pope Callixtus III in honor of the defeat of the Islamic invaders at the Siege of Belgrade in 1456.  Sultan Mehmet was trying to get his toes into Europe.  God threw them back.  Huzzah!
Also, I spoke about the blessing of grapes…. and I blessed grapes.
Moreover, I spoke about how our rites transform us and that we are our rites.
A taste of Sunday where I was…
Asperges – the Deacon is transitional and is studying in Rome, the Subdeacon is the Vocation Director for the Diocese… how fortunate are we here?!?

All we have to do now is say, “Solemn Mass today”, and everyone knows what to do without rehearsals.

These are vestments from the Pontifical Set, which is now complete.  Gammarelli sent the final pieces last week (e.g., extra large dalmatics, additional copes, etc.).  Not bad, huh?  PLEASE DONATE!   HERE
Action shot. couple of the seminarians joined us.

This what we do.  How about you?

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