Did Cardinal Cupich just ordain a homosexual?

Posted August 4, 2017 7:09 am by Barona

Did Cardinal Cupich just ordain a homosexual?

Did Cardinal Cupich just ordain a homosexual to the sacred priesthood? This question may be seriously asked about his ordination of Michael Rossman S. J. 

Rossman is publicly known for openly dissenting against Catholic teaching on homosexuality. What other message is Rossman S.J., sending? That he only supports, defends, encourages others to engage in unnatural sexual vice? 

This would still be more than enough to have expelled him from the seminary. 

I have dealt with Rossman before, when he wrote an article praising the psychologically disturbed singer, mocker of the Catholic Faith and active bisexual, “Lady Gaga”.  

Rossman, like so many other Jesuits, openly supports the US Supreme Court decision on so-called “same-sex marriage”. 

So, just who is this Michael Rossman, S.J.? 

Rossman needs to answer us: does he support oral and anal sex?
Does he support masturbation? 

Does he support mutual masturbation? 

Does he support fisting, rimming, felching and other gravely sinful, perverted sexual activities? 

How can he not, if he supports “same-sex marriage”? 

What advice will Rossman give to a young, tortured man or woman who confesses to masturbation, or same-sex attraction? 

Cardinal Cupich: you did not do due diligence in discerning if Michael Rossman S.J., should be ordained. Rossman’s dissent is public and with full knowledge of his Jesuit Superiors. According to Canon Law (1029), Rossman’s ordination may be valid, but it is certainly illicit. 

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