St. Michael’s College in Toronto promoted the LGBT agenda for years !

Posted August 2, 2017 6:51 am by Barona

St. Michael’s College in Toronto promoted the LGBT agenda for years !

President Mulroney being installed by H.E. Thomas Cardinal Collins

The Toronto Star reports that St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto is involved with a clash with its President, David Mulroney. The full story may be read here. Those wishing to learn a bit more about President Mulroney, may wish to visit here. 

Very tellingly, the Faculty in their Letter to the President do not reply to any of his serious charges regarding moral and academic sliding. 

I shall, for this post, merely give my own personal experience. In the early 2000s, I needed to visit the Registrar’s Office a number of times. Things had definitely changed since I had studied at St. Mike’s a number of years earlier. 

Firstly, one was met with the “Homo Hop” posters, that were plastered all over the campus, advertising the upcoming so-called “dance” at the Basilian run College. One wonders how many of these psychologically tortured young homosexual men and lesbian women after the “hop” then wondered off to masturbate each other? 

Yes, dear friends, a dance for “gays and lesbians” was going to be held at a Catholic University. I know for a fact, that there have been multiple “homo hops” at St. Mike’s. 

But it got worse. Far worse. 

Upon entering the Registrar’s Office, I noticed “gay” rainbow triangle stickers plastered about the Office, with words to the effect of creating a “positive space” for homosexuals. 

Glancing about, I could not help but notice the dichotomy of stickers promoting homosexual activity in the same building with prominent paintings of priests long since dead. What would these true pastors of souls thought? 

What would the real Basilians thought of this betrayal of Christ, His Church, parents and young people? 

The report in the Toronto Star should not shock any Catholic who keeps an eye of St. Mike’s and the Basilians. 

More to follow. 

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