To the defeatists

Posted July 27, 2017 3:22 pm by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

To the defeatists

Some years back, 19 March 2013 to be exact, I published here a manifesto entitled “Dear Traditionalists” to which I return from time to time. I still adhere to it.
In that piece I featured a photo of aspiring Navy SEALs during BUD/S working and suffering together as teams to control heavy logs.
Now in my email and elsewhere I see defeatist grizzling about what might happen… boo hoo.  People are listening to the enemy and taking it to heart, which is what the enemy wants.  They want you to freak out and then watch your heads explode.
I say, we must never give up.
Today I visited the US Navy Seal Museum in Ft. Pierce, FL.

It was a great visit.  All through the place there were reminders of the SEAL ethos.  At the core of that ethos is

During the hell and sifting that is BUD/S, when men have had enough and decide to quit, they can “ring out”.  All they have to do is ring the bell that is out in an open visible place, and they are out.  No problem.   Ring = Quit.   Unless… you get through and graduate.  Then all the successful aspirants can ring the bell as they leave.

Which are YOU going to be?
Are you quitters?
Are you satisfied with failure?
When are YOU going to ring that bell?
¡Hagan lío!
From my manifesto…
Dear Traditionalists:
Those of you who want the older form of the liturgy, and all that comes with it, should…
1) Work with sweat and money to make it happen. If you thought you worked hard before?   Been at this a long time?  HAH!  Get to work!  “Oooo! It’s tooo haaard!”  BOO HOO!
2) Get involved with all the works of charity that your parishes or groups sponsor. Make a strong showing. Make your presence

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