The Life-Changing Marriage Advice That Really Works

Posted July 18, 2017 11:27 pm by Tacy

The Life-Changing Marriage Advice That Really Works

You know what gets my goat more than anything else in marriage?
When I expect something and receive zero follow-through from someone else.
I know that is the 100% most hypocritical thing I do, and 100% what I do wrong on a regular basis. I expect certain things from others, yet let them down in the exact same ways.

Honey, why don’t you… take me on a date here? Buy me roses every week? Give me beautiful presents?
Well, when was the last time I left a note on his car windshield, paid for his vacation, bought him a nice mug or other gift? I expect so much, yet I’m apathetic in the same ways. But I can only see what *he* is doing wrong 95% of the time.

Someone (Namely, my counselor) recently told me that instead of fighting (when things don’t go my way), instead I should affirm and encourage my husband. I know that for some of you, that’s easy. It’s obvious. You’re lucky. #verylucky #moneyinthebank
For me, I have had to fight against negativity and my own big mouth for 4 years– in counseling. Things haven’t been particularly easy for us recently, but counseling is the best decision I have almost ever made. #almost

I decided to try this theory out. Do you want to know what happened? read the rest at

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