Michael Voris the most dangerous man in the Catholic Church? Yes, says the Vatican!

Posted July 17, 2017 4:26 am by Barona

Michael Voris the most dangerous man in the Catholic Church? Yes, says the Vatican!
Is this the most dangerous man in the Catholic Church?
Have your say! Come and vote!

The Vatican has marked Michael Voris as a very dangerous man, a threat to the Faith. So dangerous, that he was singled out by the Pope’s right hand man. 

In an article published in La Civilta Cattolica, under the approval of the Secretariat of State, Fr. Antonio Spadaro S.J. excoriated Michael Voris. Voris advocates, “…a political ultraconservatism and uses Christian symbols to impose itself. This abuse is called ‘authentic Christianity’ “.

Fr. Spadaro followed up the article with an interview, elaborating some of points he made in an interview with the ultra-modernist, America. Increasing his rhetoric against Michael Voris Fr. Spadaro also claimed that Voris was transforming: “the church (sic)… into a kind of sect…pure…to impose its vision on society, prescinding any form of dialogue…very conflictive, belligerent…warlike…militant…fringe groups of Catholic integralists”. 
Strong words indeed. But is Michael Voris really that dangerous? 

According to the Vatican, it is a  resounding “YES”. 

In our exclusive publication yesterday of an interview granted by Fr. Aidan McNutty of the Secretariat of State, we know that Voris has been under top secret Vatican surveillance for a number of years. 

We now know that the Vatican has a secret dossier on him. We know that – according to the Vatican – Michael Voris held a secret conclave in Quebec City, Canada and was elected Pope in 2013, following Benedict XVI’s abdication. Perhaps this is the genesis of Fr. Spadaro’s claim that Voris has set up “a kind of sect”. It is interesting that Fr. Spadaro did not come out and openly state that they have information that Michael Voris was elected Pope. This was left to a lesser functionary, Fr. McNutty. 

We also know – again, according to the Vatican – that Michael Voris appointed a Canadian blogger as the new head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. Therefore the statements by Fr. Spadaro begin to make sense when he claims that Voris is “belligerent…warlike…militant…”. Obviously the Vatican is very concerned that the new Prefect of the CDF will issue doctrinal statements that will contradict recent initiatives that are doctrinal, but being masqueraded as pastoral. It all becomes very murky.  

However, we need to know what you think, dear readers. 

For all of the accusations against Michael Voris, do you really believe he is the most dangerous man in the Church today?

This leads me to my “Question of the Week.

“Who is the most dangerous Catholic alive”?

When voting please not only consider the secret dossier that the Secretariat of State has on Michael Voris. By all means consider the allegations that Michael Voris has established a secret papacy, but also do not forget other issues: rampant homosexuality in the clergy, pedophila, corruption, money-laundering… Also, consider the state of the Catholic Faith: moral relativism, liturgical abuse, liberalism, feminism, modernism, false ecumenism….


Pope Francis?

Fr. Antonio Spadaro S.J.?

Michael Voris?

Fr. James Martin S.J.?

Vox Cantoris? 

After prayer and thought, PLEASE VOTE. Thank-you.

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