The Holy See Press Office ~ a tool used by the "wolves" to undermine the Papacy and the Church

Posted July 16, 2017 4:17 am by Barona

The Holy See Press Office ~ a tool used by the "wolves" to undermine the Papacy and the Church
Information or disinformation? 

“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”

Pope Benedict XVI

The Crucifixion of St. Peter

I am not an admirer of the men who control the Holy See Press Office. Since the departure of Joaquin Navarro-Valls, and it falling under the control of Frederico Lombardi, S.J., the HSPO has become an ideological mouthpiece for a particular theological outlook. 

It was a tragedy that Lombardi remained in control over the HSPO during the reign of Pope Benedict; given the inclinations of Pope Francis to improvise and extemporize off-the-cuff statements, all the more reason for a well-seasoned, dedicated servant of the Pope (and not ideology) to ensure the truth is communicated quickly without ambiguity to – usually – a very hostile media. Fr. Lombardi has been assisted in much of the damage that he has, and is creating, by his English-language assistant, Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB., (who is on record as claiming that Lombardi is his mentor and friend). 

Fr. Rosica has also not hidden his admiration and support of bishops whom Gerhard Cardinal Muller (recently sent packing back to Germany) has identified as proposing a “Christological heresy” vis-a-vis uncoupling pastoral praxis from doctrine. It is also scandalous from a journalistic perspective: Rosica does not even pretend to be neutral with regards to the clash between the innovators and the upholders of Catholic doctrine (as if one can be neutral between truth and falsehood). It is also interesting that neither Lombardi or Rosica have ever been full pastors, a parish priest. They are clerical careerists. It may be news to Fr. Rosica, but Raymond Cardinal Burke – whom his assistant rudely insulted on TVO’s The Agenda – actually was a pastor of souls for many, many years. But more on the “theological” content of this shameful interview in the near future which contained gleeful support for the un-Catholic position on homosexuality as inserted behind the backs of the synod fathers (this, confirmed by many fathers, e.g. the Major Archbishop of Lvov, the Archbishop of Poznan etc.) by Anthony Spadaro, S.J. 

An example of a particularly egregious and monstrous manipulation by the Holy See Press Office, was its silence on the Holy Father’s address to the European bishops. Was it not less than a month ago, that the Pope spoke out about the grave spiritual and moral crisis engulfing Europe before the European bishops? And Frs. Lombardi and Rosica? Silence. Not a word. When the Holy Father spoke before the European Parliament; again, condemning abortion, euthanasia and so on….. what did we hear from these men? Now, following the homosexual orgy, we have a deathly silence from Greg Burke…In fact, we have been told by these men that they will have “no comment”. 

Earlier, after the Synod, what did we hear? Readers of Fr. Rosica’s Twitter feed (and yes, I am still able to read it, even after being “excommunicated” from it, along with Vox Cantoris. Just as those who dared to add to the pompous and boastful Wikipedia entry on Rosica  about his laudatory interview with Gregory Baum were censored by a person/s who wished this interview hidden) will notice no mention of the concerns raised by such churchmen as: Cardinals Muller, De Paolis, Scola, Burke, Napier, Ouellet, Collins (of which a post will be published on this blog of His Eminence’s support of Catholic doctrine); Archbishop Gadecki, and many, many others. 

Silence on sodomy 

The major interview by Polonia Christiana with Bishop Schneider – which this blog broke to the English-speaking world – was not mentioned by these manipulators in favour of the adulterist and homosexualist positions. Fr. Rosica was far more busy tweeting blasphemously that the Holy Family was “irregular”. He has since been rebuked and corrected by our Holy Father. 

To date, the outstanding example of censorship and manipulation of information by agents of the Holy See Press Office is their silence on the interview given by Cardinal Muller with the Polish language, Nasz Dziennik, that I translated and published on this blog (attracting thousands of reads within a few days by information starved Catholics). It was never mentioned by Fr. Rosica; even though this same post was linked to and reviewed by not only Vatican Insider (which we know Fr. Rosica reads), but other Italian and German news agencies. Rosica’s silence regarding the very, very grave and serious concerns raised by the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith speaks volumes. That Cardinal Muller has, since that interview, on a number of occasions, spoken out against this ominous false praxis as a heresy. 

Again, the silence, the manipulation, the vile scheming by men in the HSPO tells us of their inclinations…

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