FINALLY A Catholic Modesty Website That Makes Sense!

Posted July 15, 2017 11:00 pm by Jacinta Boudreau

FINALLY A Catholic Modesty Website That Makes Sense!

I’ve been searching everywhere for information on Catholic Modesty that didn’t just incorporate the opinions and feelings of the writer involved, but that actually had to do with Catholic Teaching and quotes from Saints, Doctors of the Church, and proofs.  I FOUND IT! has literally everything one needs to inform themselves on Catholic Modesty. It looms from quotes from Saints, Doctors and Fathers of the Church, Papal Documents (including infallible encyclicals), helpful videos, tips and tricks, common sense answers to the crazy questions (for example is it immodest to wear makeup and so on!) and so much more! But the biggest thing that attracted me to this particular website is the MIDDLE GROUND MINDSET. 

 This is from their “about the site”:

“This website is dedicated to the promulgation and education of Catholic Modesty. Everything is connected to the Teachings of the Faith, and the learning of what is means to be “modest“, and all that follows…..

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