Does #OECTA encourage lesbians to live chaste lives as per CCC2357? #catholicteachers

Posted July 10, 2017 2:38 am by catholicintelligenceassoc

Does #OECTA encourage lesbians to live chaste lives as per CCC2357? #catholicteachers

Michael Coren stating this FACTS in 2012 before he apostasized:

Some background first. In Ontario, as well as most of Canada, state-funded Catholic education is generally about as Catholic as an Orange Lodge meeting in East Belfast. Non-Catholics assume that eager little Papists are indoctrinated into the Roman faith, but if only this was the case. The vast majority of Catholic teachers — while often decent and dedicated — are non-practising and even anti-Church.

They are divorced, gay, abort and use contraceptives, live together, never attend mass, reject Catholic teaching, are indifferent or even hostile to the religion they are supposed to be part of.



HERE IS BUT ONE EXAMPLE: taken from public facebook posts.

Michelle Blais (head of #OECTA LGBTQ provincial group) and  partner Caroline Schaillee

Anyone heard of Southern Ontario Lesbian Educators (SOLE)?? Some sort of lesbian teacher dating club?

“20th anniversary. Not “married” but happily together in all the ways that count”










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