Fr. Cyril Lynett (Pt. 3) – Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Calgary

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Fr. Cyril Lynett (Pt. 3) – Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Calgary

Fr. Cyril Lynett was a cousin of my grandmother. As the following biography shows, Fr. Lynett was involved in the establishment of a number of parishes in the Diocese of Calgary. Prominent among those was St. John’s Parish in northwest Calgary, Alberta. In the 1980s I had the honour of being in the Music Ministry at St. John’s while Fr. Eric Nelson was pastor. Unfortunately, I had no idea at that time that “Cousin Cyril” (as my Dad referred to him) had been responsible for the construction of the church and rectory there. It was a very friendly and vibrant community, which (I like to think) was in some small way a reflection of the fine pioneering work of Fr. Lynett. Unfortunately, the church was closed in the 1990s and after it was sold to a developer it suffered a serious fire. Today an apartment (St. John’s on 10th) stands on that site.

The following excerpt is from the book: “From the Buffalo to the Cross: A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary” by Mrs. Paul Byrne, published 1973.

– Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, Calgary, page 174 –

“Rev. J.C. Lynett, pastor at St. John’s, seeing the rapid growth of the Critchley and Bowness areas at the extreme west of his parish, arranged to build a chapel of ease in the area. In the spring of 1948, with a contribution from the Home Missions of $500.00, he began construction using the same contractor as had built the Water Valley Church. Excepting the fees of the contractor, the church was erected solely with the voluntary labour of the parishioners. The materials cost was only 5000.00, and the land was donated by Mr. Schmalz of Bowness. The church was opened and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption (the name chosen by Father Lynett) by Bishop Carroll on August 8, 1948, and the first Mass was said by Father Lynett.”

Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church; Bowness, Calgary, Alberta

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