Sex "education" (exploitation) in Canadian schools: it's just sick

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Sex "education" (exploitation) in Canadian schools: it's just sick

If Ontario parents what to see just how the 2015 Ontario Physical and Health program (the radical sex curriculum introduced in 2015) can be exploited, they just need know what recently took place at Lord Byng Secondary School, at the Vancouver School District. At lunch, students and teachers gathered together in the auditorium and played the game show “Sex at Lunch.” Of course this activity was not in the school calendar, parents were not informed and the whole event was to be kept a secret between the students and the teachers. The god of sex must be obeyed and worshipped.

Kari Simpson from Culture Guard is to be commended for exposing this disturbing story. It’s teachers in a position of authority (adults) abusing students. The activity has nothing to do with education of any kind. We will post the entire transcript as reported by Culture Guard so parents can see for themselves. The teacher moderator even refers to the Grade 12 students as having the most “sexual addicts.” But guess what? Lawyers representing the school board are trying to bully and silence Simpson for informing the public about what is really happening with sex “education” in schools today. Readers can read the legal letter here.

Should Ontario parents have any doubts that it cannot happen here (if it’s not already taking place), just consider some of what the curriculum contains. Under the topic of “Community Partners” groups or organizations or teachers can teach the sex contents through lessons, field trips and other activities like the “Sex at Lunch” game. Here’s what the Ontario government course document tells teachers on page 17:

Community partners are an important resource for a school’s health and physical education program. Relationships with public health units, community recreation facilities, community mental health organizations and hospitals, social service agencies, universities and colleges, businesses, service groups, and other community organizations can provide valuable support and enrichment for student learning. These organizations can provide expertise, skills, materials, and programs that are not available through the school or that supplement those that are. Partnerships with such organizations benefit not only the students but also the life of the community. 

Secrecy, exploitation and sexualization of students is all good in the name of fun and sex “education.” The “Sex at Lunch” activity can be deceptively used to provide “valuable support and enrichment for student learning.” And parents need not be told a thing. Here is the transcript of the game without the page numbers. To make it easier for readers to get to the questions and answers, we have bolded them:

“Sex at Lunch,” Lord Byng Secondary
June 14, 2017

Anncr: … our regulars… (inaudible) how many we have here… regular classes…

Grade 12 will always have the advantage; because you have more sex addicts than

anyone else in the schools… ummm … this is our third year of doing Reach For The

Top teachers vs students, addition… so awesome thank you very much…

[wild applause]

Anncr: Now, for two years in a row, students have won.


Anncr: But that doesn’t mean these guys aren’t ready (inaudible)(inaudible) we have an

awesome panel here(inaudible) back

[wild applause]

Anncr: Now, before we start, I’m just gonna ask:

Anncr: Number 1- remember it is a privilege for us to be in the auditorium. We are

guests of the music and the drama departments, so please, make sure you take all your

stuff with you when you leave. Do not leave garbage here, OK? Anncr: It’s really really

important, because we want to make sure that we’re welcome back here next year, to

continue on with our “Sex at Lunch” program, right?

Anncr: Number 2 – I loved, so many of you walked in here saying that you were

cheering for the teachers, you were cheering for the students; we just want everyone to

have a good time, and leave feeling happy. How very good sex-ed students should be.


Ummm – Mr. Nugent is our moderator…

[wild applause]

… (inaudible) is gonna be the score-keeper…


… All right, Mr. Nugent, I’ll will let you take it away.

Nugent: Perfect. The first thing I’ll say is that the worst thing for some of you is that now

that now that I see you all here, you can’t skip Geography today.


Nugent: So sorry about that!

Nugent: Umm… are we doing ‘no pictures’ please? Please..

Anncr: Yeah, no pictures

Nugent: No pictures guys, lets keep this fun, let’s keep this off social media

Scorekeeper: No recording, either (inaudible), no audio recording.

Nugent: It’s just… regardless of whether or not it’s something that we do, these days..I

had a little issue with an Instagram page made about me earlier on this year that I was

that I really was not happy about So… if this stuff ends up on social media, I’m not

doing it any more. OK. Let’s be good, let’s be good

Scorekeeper: Phones should never be out during for sex, ever.

Nugent: Correct…that’s correct

(inaudible exchanges)

Nugent:Are we all set? Now, it’s going to important that you are quiet during the

questioning, because this machine here is what tells me which side got it, and it’s over

here. (inaudible)

Nugent: Are we all set? Here we go.

Nugent: First question: Ms. McCain is shocked and sad because most kids in the world

don’t have sex ed, where do most students get sexual health information from?

(bell rings)

Nugent: Teachers?

3..2..and final answer?

Teachers: Internet?

Nugent: That’s correct!


Nugent: Next question, What STI can be transferred from mouth to genitals?

(bell rings)

Nugent: Teachers?

Teachers: Herpes

Nugent: Herpes is correct! HPV


Nugent: Number 3: Which country had the first openly gay prime minister?

(bell rings)

Nugent: Teachers?

Teachers: (inaudible conversation)

Nugent: Time. Students?


Nugent: Too late, too late


Students: France?

Nugent: Incorrect. Iceland, Iceland.


Nugent: Number 4: You’ve got condoms, mood-lighting, a partner and very light

music. What else do you need to make sure you’re… (?)



Teachers: Consent

Consent is correct.


Nugent: OK. I’ve been reading the wrong thing. Let’s give five points, half and half shall

we do that. (inaudible) I’m sure you guys have been asked that question,

(inaudible) You’ve got all those things; what else do you need to make sure you’re

having a safe and legal sexual encounter, that’s the sentence.

Nugent: Number 5, What does one use to perform safer oral sex on a woman?


Nugent: A dental dam is correct!


Nugent: Great fun! I just don’t care if you guys are talkin’ but happy to repeat myself.

Nugent: Number 6: What percentage of youth have been sexually active by the age of


Student: (inaudible)

Nugent: 50 percent is correct!

Nugent: Number 7: True or false? You don’t need to …you just need to give true or

false. The average length of intercourse is 30 minutes.

Nugent: Teachers?

Teachers: False

Nugent: It’s actually six minutes.


Nugent: Number 8: Number 8, If you don’t want to masturbate, what should you eat for


Nugent: Students?

Student: Corn flakes

Nugent: Corn flakes is correct. Or rice crackers, because they were both invented as

anti-masturbation foods.

Anncr: whatever plain foods don’t get you excited ??(inaudible) try to get, spicy food

makes you masturbate

Nugent: Interesting.

Nugent: Number 9: Which Canadian prime minister said There is no place…”


?: Trudeau.

Nugent: Pierre Trudeau. Thank you James (inaudible)…social 11’s class…so I am

thankful he got that one.

Nugent: Got to be quick, got to be quick

Nugent: Number 10: What percentage of the male population, world-wide, is


Nugent: Teachers? This is trivial you got to take a crack at it.


Teachers: (inaudible) ten percent?

Nugent: Incorrect…. 30 percent.

Nugent: OK. Here we go. This is declining every year.

Nugent: Number 11: Which has more nerve endings, the clitoris or the head of the


(?): clitoris

Nugent: Clitoris is correct!


Nugent: Number 12: What does “cis gender” mean?

Nugent:: Go ahead, somebody has to give me a definition or explanation in your own

words please

students ???


Nugent: Yes! Somebody got it right (drowned by applause)

Nugent: Number 13: At which age can you legally text somebody a picture of your

naked ….

Nugent: Teachers…I mean sorry students

Students: inaudible

Nugent: Is incorrect

Nugent: Teachers’re naked bits? At which age can you legally text somebody a

picture of your naked bits?


Teachers: 17?

Nugent: Incorrect 18, 18…18

Nugent: next question: Next question Where do you get the morning after pill at


Nugent: Students?

Student: Ahh… Shoppers’ Drug Mart

Nugent: It depends on which one.

Student: On Dunbar.

Nugent: Fair enough. (Laughter) Emergency room is another place; at midnight they’re

open 24 hours and then you won’t have the 24-hour pharmac

Nugent: Next question: Complete the song lyric: On the fifth day of Christmas, my true

love gave to me

(inaudible exchange… ) fifth…


no…a variation of this song …

? a std..?

Nugent: not specific enough, it’s gonorrhea


Nugent: Number 16: Which country has a penis festival and a vagina festival?

??: Japan

Nugent: Japan is correct!

[wild cheering]

Nugent: Number 17: Which country celebrates the king’s birthday by giving out free


(panelist) Romania

Nugent: Time, it’s Thailand.

Nugent: True or false: Blue balls are an actual medical condition that can (explode?)


Nugent: Another true or false: True or false – Masturbation can be beneficial to your

overall health?

Teachers: True.

Nugent: True…Don’t do that at home Mr. Jansen. ??!

Nugent: Number 20: true or false: Having sex standing up prevents pregnancy

Nugent: Teachers?

Teacher: false

Nugent: False. Correct. Good

Sex at Lunch, Lord Byng Secondary

June 14, 2017


Nugent: If you see the term “Ace” to describe yourself, what sexual orientation are you?


Nugent: Asexual is correct. Very Good

Nugent: Number 22: The same chemical that is responsible for feelings of love and

sexual attraction can also be found in which food?


Teachers: Chocolate

Nugent: Chocolate is correct

Nugent: Number 23: Sex workers in the middle ages develop tiny wigs to cover the…?

Nugent: Murphies(?). Correct (transcriber tried to google the correct word but got taken

to hard core porn sites when searched these key words – “sex tiny wigs mid evil times

Nugent: True or false? You can have an STI and not have any symptoms.

Nugent: Students

Students: True.

Nugent: 25: 25 in the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, the women of the

land denied their men sex until…?

Nugent:Teachers? I need an answer 3..2..


Nugent: I will read the last part: “until they ended which war?”


Nugent: The Peloponnesian War is correct.

Nugent: Number 26: The classic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Nugent: Sorry; IN the classic TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which vampire lost his

soul when he had sex?

Teacher: Angelus or Angel

Nugent: very good!

Nugent: Number 27: (inaudible) overtaken by pawnfor ??!!what must they have?

(transcriber tried to google correct info but was taken to porn site when these key words

were used – “buffy vampire panfore sex”)

(inaudible) correct.

Nugent: Number 28: Which creature of the sea has a penis 20 times longer than the

length of his entire body?

Nugent: Barnacle. Correct!

Nugent: Number 29: Which pop artist released a book called Sex?1990?

Nugent: Teachers?

Teachers: Madonna?

Nugent: Yes!

Nugent: Number 30: How many sperm does it take to fertilize an egg?

Nugent: Teachers?

Teacher: one

Nugent: One!

Nugent: True or false? On-going marijuana use reduces the size of your erection—true

or false?

Nugent: Students?

Student: That’s true!

Nugent: True. Correct

Nugent: 32: Which female body part is like an iceberg, in that only a tiny bit is visible?

(cross talk & laughter – inaudible)

Nugent: What should people with testicles do every Tuesday (????)

Student: Test them for growths and lumps.

Nugent: Yes, test them for growths and lumps, good

Nugent: 34: People who enjoy putting on fuzzy animal costumes for sexual purposes

are called…?

Nugent: Furbies!

Nugent: Furbies Yes

?? check

Nugent: 35: What is the song by Cindy Lauper that is about masturbation?

Nugent: Teachers?

Teachers: (inaudible) Chi-bop?

Nugent: 36: What STI has now developed a drug-resistant strain?

Teacher: Gonorrhea

Nugent: Correct. Gonorrhea. I think…think at this point, right think we should have two

correct answers, there’s a number of answers but I think two I think, would make it


Nugent: 37: Name a method of non-hormonal birth control.


Nugent: I need two

Answer: condom

Nugent: That’s one

Answer: Female condom

Nugent: Yeah that’s fine… IUD, sponge and diaphragm are the other three.

38: In the early 1980s, the first cases of AIDS were being diagnosed. What was initially,

it was initially called “GRID”. …ok you guys want to guess…

chat inaudible

Nugent: What does it stand for?


Nugent: ..2..1..time

Answer: Gay-Related Immune Deficiency.

Nugent: Gay-Related Immune Deficiency Good


What was the First Nations term for a gender-fluid or a gay person? Teachers?

Teachers: Two-spirited.

Nugent: Two spirited good

Nugent: What are the two kinds of lube we can use on a condom, and that won’t make

holes in a condom?

Nugent: Teachers? I need two answers.

Teacher: silicon-based

Nugent: correct and..

Teachers: and water-based.

Nugent: Correct.

Nugent: Not oil based

Nugent:41: What is the exterior of the female genitalia called?


Nugent: (inaudible) Incorrect. Teachers?

Nugent: exterior of the female genitalia called? 3..2..1

Teachers: Labia

Nugent: Incorrect… Incorrect it’s Vulva




Nugent:42: What do most mammals have in their veins that humans do not?

Nugent: Bones

Nugent: 34: The word ‘lesbian’ comes from an island of female ...

Answer: Lesbos

Nugent: correct?


Nugent: What fake female disease was the…was the…

Answer: Hysteria

Nugent; What what fake female disease was the vibrator created to cure.

Nugent: Last question -…tie breakers

Oh yeah, its close

Nugent: what the ancient form of birth control used during the ancient Egyptian

Answer: Crocodile dun

Nugent: um how close

Scorekeeper: how close are my marks?

Nugent: yeah

Scorekeeper: 26 ó to 13 ó

Nugent: Here are the tie breakers for fun

Nugent: Females are born with a lifetime supply of eggs

True, correct.

Nugent: Ejaculated sperms lives inside a woman’s body


and take it away from you…you ??????protective benefits for your genitals, true or



Nugent: Clitoris is the only organ that exists for….False..


Nugent: I’ll read it again…

The clitoris is the only human organ that exits for pleasure, true or false?



Thank you very much. A big round of applause.

Announcer goes on to thank everyone etc., then hands out “swag” to students and then

presents tubes of lubricant to the teachers as a “Thank you” for participating.



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