Ten lies worshipped by today's secular "religion" of human sexuality

Posted July 4, 2017 1:34 am by Editor

Ten lies worshipped by today's secular "religion" of human sexuality
Here are ten big lies that we hear, read and Western progressive governments currently promote about human sexuality, marriage and family. Consider it to be the new “religion” about the person and sexual expression.

1. Belief in identifying with any of a dozen “genders” and sexual orientations must be automatically believed. There is no need to prove the assertion. Instead, the feelings must be affirmed and celebrated.

2. We must stop supporting and defining the traditional family. To support the traditional family is to utter “hate” speech and not be “inclusive.”

3. A mother and a father of a “family” is equal to any other socially constructed structure made up of persons of the same “sex” or “genders.” The family must become “diverse” and “inclusive.”

4. Social policies and political ideas need not depend on sound arguments, reason and debates. Truth and an informed conscience are irrelevant. The individual or the state can make a claim at will and society must accept it. Self identity and trannsgenderism are two examples. There is no room for disagreement with the dogma of this politically progressive “religion.”

5. Living together is just another substitute for “marriage.” This temporary and exploratory social arrangement may lead to marriage if people decide that they are compatible. If not, there is no harm done and people can go their separate ways. Should the couple have children there is no need to worry because children can deal with the break up. They are resilient and a means to an end. Cohabitation is merely a way to try out if “marriage” might be in the cards.

6. Adulterous sexual encounters need not be seen as wrong or sinful to marriage and family life. It’s just another way to sexually express oneself and stay happy and engaged. Sexual satisfaction trumps everything else.

7. What is marriage? It’s a mere and arbitrary legal arrangement instituted by the state. Two men or two women or other possible combinations can be called a “marriage.” There is no difference in a marriage between a man and woman and any other evolving structure.

8. The Christian view of human sexuality and morality is bigotry, discrimination; it’s a form of oppression and superstition. These views are archaic, and mythical and together with God have no place in the public square.

9. Marriage can mean what people want it to mean. Marriage and family need not be defined solely as having and raising children. “Marriage” can be between two men, two women, two men and a woman, two women and a man and the politically correct list must go on, lest we discriminate or offend or leave out anyone.

10. There is no biological basis for the two sexes, male and female. Don’t let science get in the way of “gender fluidity.” The difference between the sexes are all socially constructed and thus alterable. The male sex and female sex have no real or special purpose.

These are just ten lies perpetrated by the new political “religion” of the person and human sexuality. It’s secular belief, elevated to a “religion,” meant to save the individual by building the state utopia of self gratification. Western society is so progressive that every claim about the person, family, marriage and human sexuality must be believed. Politically correct laws and policies serve to ensure normalized worship and practice of these beliefs. Nothing must be questioned. Everything must be accepted. The god state knows best how to define, satisfy and save the individual. No other views are wanted or necessary in this cult of politcs and sex. It’s post-modern, state mythmaking at its best.

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