Time Magazine Reinvents the Priesthood

Posted July 3, 2017 9:57 pm by Editor

With a burst of religious zeal rarely seen in the secular press,
magazine has published a story titled, “
The God Squad: The Next Generation of Catholic Priests
.” It’s been receiving a lot of favorable publicity, and one has to wonder why—at least from a Catholic perspective. While not everything in the article is objectionable—and news of increasing vocations is encouraging—the rest of the article is superficial, slanted and uninformed. Indicative of the latter is
statement that Francis “is open to the idea of studying how some married men can be ordained to serve in a priestly function, to serve in rural areas short on ministers.” But it is highly doubtful Francis is “thinking about this,” since this is precisely what has been occurring worldwide since 
the restoration of the permanent diaconate
 at Vatican II.

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