Did your elected Member of Parliament (MP) sponsor a refugee?

Posted June 27, 2017 12:30 am by Editor

Did your elected Member of Parliament (MP) sponsor a refugee?
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, on the far left,
 welcoming refugees 

Since 1015, Canada has admitted an increasing number of refugees. Based on information from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Canada in just two years has received over 46,000 refugees. To reach that number in the recent history it took forty years.

The refugees are supported by private efforts, church groups and government programs. The UNHCR, lists the following as countries of origin:

Syria: 33,266
Eritrea: 3,934
Iraq: 1,650
Congo: 1,644
Afghanistan: 1,354

The Liberal government made the promise to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees starting in 2015. Many more have come to Canada since that time. The Liberal initiative has turned into one of Canada’s most costly immigration policies. But when you’re the Liberal party what’s another billion dollars, give or take a 100 million.

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen has stated that Ottawa is “proud” to be part of this resettlement program. In his words, “Canada hopes to increase global refugee resettlement and support ‎civil society and other jurisdictions to expand resettlement along with developing other solutions for the world’s most vulnerable.” This is all good and wonderful. And Canadians would not say no to helping people in need.

However, given the commitment that the Liberal party has to the refugee issue it’s only fair to ask this question: how many Liberal and other MPs who support the refugee program have actually donated financial help to a refugee or a family? How many have taken a refugee into their homes? The prime minister has two nannies paid by taxpayers surely they could help. After all, the Liberals claimed that the Syrian refugees was a central “national project.” So, it would be proper accountability to know just how many of those MPs, that voted for the open door policy are, in fact, backing their positions with action and their own money. Otherwise, it’s all mere political posturing for votes and virtue signalling at taxpayers’ expense.

We recall very well the media headlines when the first refugees began arriving at Toronto’s Pearson Airport in December of 2015. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was there along with the Liberal Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne. We wonder how much personal financial support Wynne has given to the refugees or if she has taken any of them into her own home? It’s too easy for leaders to pledge government money and resources because Canadians pay the bill. To back these programs with words only but use teaxpayers’ money is hypocritical. But this makes no difference to the national broadcaster, the CBC, that has not failed to advertise and cheer lead the Liberal project. We should contact our elected member of parliament and ask the question: did you sponsor or directly help a refugee or a family? We will be in touch with Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen. He’s our MP.

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