History Re-made: Hawaii.

Posted June 26, 2017 10:40 pm by Isten Joe

History Re-made: Hawaii.
Do not be surprised to find detestable liberal revisionism alive and well on Maui. A congregation of witnesses confirms that it is the common practice of a certain Maui priest, a priest-in-residence at St Teresa’s Parish, Kihei, to modify prayers of the Mass to the point of constantly and awkwardly stumbling over his improvisations, his habitual adding to and subtracting from the text of the Mass so that it fits his distorted, i.e., anarchic view of the way things should be.

That said priest is practicing his twisted form of evangelization by remaining at a hub of influence, i.e., at a crossroads parish where tourists and travellers from all parts of the world attend Mass because of its proximity to a relatively large tourist centre, is an obvious and feeble attempt to spread his bile by a most efficient means with as little effort required. Heretics seem to be skilled at knowing where and when to do the most damage with the least investment possible.

I must increase; Christ must decrease.
Why the antics of the said priest-in-residence are tolerated is beyond any reasonable person’s guess.

  1. Changing the words of consecration to “for all”, ignoring the restoration of “for many”.
  2. As mentioned, modifying prayers, playing loosely with the letter of the Mass, accompanying said modifications with the worst kind of manneristic, highly affected speech that merely draws attention to his personality (which saturates the Liturgy).
  3. Using every prayer to reinforce his agenda of a Me-centred pipeline spirituality. 
  4. Denigrating an Apostle of the Church, i.e., Saint Paul, by calling his writings “too complicated”, “unnecessarily complex” and, expressing himself with a tone of contempt that turned heads in the pews yesterday, accusing the Apostle of “sounding like he’s teaching a theology lecture”, and justifying his accusation by recalling his seminary days when he was “forced to study Saint Paul”.
  5. Not managing even to bow at the Consecration. He manages to prance around the “nave” of the church during the homily. Yet, he cannot genuflect or bow during the holiest moments of the Mass as prescribed by the rubrics? If he had a physical impediment to genuflecting, his reasons for avoiding due reverence of the Body and Blood of Christ are undermined by his ease of movement around the church.
  6. His frequent gesturing to stand or sit. Given his controlling attitude toward the Mass, it is reasonable to conclude that his need for control extends toward the congregation.

The liberal has no justification for his tinkering. That people tolerate his imposition of his personal baggage upon a parish convinces him that his teaching is relevant when, in fact, his verbal sewage spoken in an impudent tone is merely another reminder that long ago he missed the cue to retire.

Said priest’s smooth crooning of his version of the Mass is mere dissonance, a practiced form of delivering his weapons of Mass destruction that are poison to the Faithful. Sadly, too many seem to be drinking his poison and thinking themselves all the more righteous for so doing.

Flee Kihei

If you are looking for a reverent Mass to attend on Maui, certainly DO NOT attend St. Teresa’s Parish. With the exception of the Maui Latin Mass, most liturgies on Maui resemble “praise and worship” gatherings more than the Sacred Liturgy in terms of the large video screens at or near the sanctuary (that distract from the central acts of worship) and refried renditions of group-hug ditties such as “Let The Sun Shine In” (yes, really!) sung (yesterday) by well intentioned wispy-voiced teenage and college-age women wearing embarrassingly short (and thus highly inappropriate) dresses, accompanied by drum machines, a 50-year-old teenage guitarist and, exceptions duly noted, a pianist whose skill is more than adequate but entirely misused.

The musical fare aside, most parish liturgies are not nearly as worthy of avoidance as liturgies at Saint Teresa’s. Christ the King Parish, a larger parish in Kahului, is worth the drive (if one is staying Kihei) if only to avoid the ear numbing feedback, bare altar, kitschy processional cross and pseudo-religiosity that saturates Saint Teresa’s. Even among locals, so goes the conversation, Saint Teresa’s is known for doing things “Saint Teresa’s way”. Thus, if you want a congregational community not a Catholic one, risk your soul by going to Saint Teresa’s Parish.

A History of Contradiction

It was previously reported at this blog that St Teresa’s Parish referred parishioners to Planned Parenthood services by including contact information on parish resource cards available at the parish office.


No doubt, there are many people who recognize and practice the orthodox Catholic Faith on Maui. Though, more and more, one must conclude they do so and practice so not because of their pastors’ efforts but in spite of the junk they are being fed in whatever attempts to pass as a catechism class. That the Catholic Faith survives on Maui is truly a testament to the Holy Spirit. No manmade edifice could survive the obstacles that so many liturgical entertainers and certain homiletic charlatans are throwing in front of Catholics on Maui.

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