A one-legged sparrow.

Posted June 26, 2017 10:40 pm by Isten Joe

I observed a one-legged sparrow for a few minutes today. It bounded about with energy. It was eyeing a family dropping bits of nacho chips as they picnicked at poolside. As it attempted to stand still, wobbling and forced to crouch down as it was nearly toppled by unpredictable gusts of wind, it waited for the opportunity to sneak up on the buffet being scattered by the breeze.
The sparrow did not complain about its condition. Its entire right leg was missing. It did not appear to be in any pain. Was it a congenital deffect? Was it a casualty of some confrontation?
The sparrow’s patience and stealth paid off. It made off with several large bits. Large, compared to a sparrow’s mouth.

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