Home Making and Chronic Illness: You are more because you do it with less.

Posted June 21, 2017 7:22 pm by BellaBricks

Home Making and Chronic Illness: You are more because you do it with less.

I just want to make it know to all of my readers. I am not perfect. I struggle to do daily tasks; and I was like this long before I got sick or saved. I also want everyone of you to know that I pray that on day we will all day be able to live with out pain. Even if it is for only one day. I pray that we all are able to cherish the good days and remember that its okay that when you are well that you went out with your husband or friends instead of cleaning your house. We all deserve to walk among the living for we too are also living, just differently.
I have learned a few things in this study of this verse:

  • Idleness is not Rest and God does want us all sick or not to rest. For if you are well and do not rest you will get sick and if you are already sick you will get sicker.
  • A home management binder helps you fight idleness, fibro fog, and depression! You see when I first started using it I thought it was stupid. As the week went on though it fought my depression because I could encourage “next day Bella” and motivate myself by seeing all that I had done. Every little thing you do does matter and God and the people that love you notice. I also can fight memory problems by writing things down and it helps my husband see whats going on as well.
  • If you take anything away from   this at all I hope it is this: Click here to continue 

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