Ontario school recalls yearbook: student can't say, "There are only two genders"

Posted June 20, 2017 11:36 pm by Editor

Ontario school recalls yearbook: student can't say, "There are only two genders"
Bear Creek Secondary School, Barrie, Ontario

Newstalk 1010 Radio recently reported that an Ontario high school located in Barrie recalled the student yearbooks because of some student comments. The decision will cost money but also shows how free speech is now restricted by political correctness. The school is Bear Creek Secondary School with an enrolment of 1,500 students. It’s part of the Simcoe County District School Board.

The yearbook records school memories and students get to make favourite comments about themselves and others. But one student wrote something considered “inappropriate” and part of the reason for recalling the yearbook. The school asked the parents and students to return the books so that new ones could be printed.

The controversy is over five or six comments. This is one of them: “There are only two genders.” The school principal, Mike Abram, quickly asserted that the statement is not in keeping with school and board policy. In his words, “It goes against what we believe as a school board. Our values and so on around equity, inclusion, all of those kinds of things. That does kind of contravene that. It’s created enough of an issue here at the school and a ripple through the board that, as a school, we have to do something about it.” Abram has learned well the language of political correctness. What has happened to the right of freedom expression? After all, what the student wrote has been deemed correct for most of human history

Abram and some staff members took a close look at the yearbook only after they received complaints. One wonders what the principal and staff were doing all along as the yearbook was being produced. These were some of the other comments that led to the decision: “Hickory hickory dock ladies say goodbye to my…” and “Waking up is the second hardest thing in the morning.” We will not make excuses for these students, but what we do we expect when students are being taught a very radical and explicit sex curriculum?

Of course teachers and administration have the right to make sure that discourse, among students and in a school publication, is civil and respectful. But the school must also protect the students’ right to freedom of speech, to say things such as, “There are only two genders.” There are only two sexes would be more accurate. We believe the student happens to be right. And if students believe this  too, they should be allowed to express that point of view publicly.

 “There’s a teacher who runs the program and there are student editors, students involved with certain portions of the yearbook. Have we learned a lesson? Yes. There obviously needs to be a better review, better proofing of the book before it goes out. I get that we’re walking a very fine line between opinion and so on and so forth, freedom of speech and all of those things. I get that,” Abram said.

We agree that the other comments should have been deleted during the editing stage. What a waste of money. However, removing the comment about genders is an infringement on free speech. But welcome to Canada 150! We are now a nation that forces students and citizens to recognize the sexual transhumansim of gender fluidity and laws, such as Bill C-16, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code, that make it illegal to even question what is scientifically, biologically and naturally true.

We have said it before and we will say it again. Language matters because once we censor what can and cannot be taught and said we restrict free speech. And is so doing, we weaken democracy and the important freedom of thought and action.

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