Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises pride flag in nation's capital

Posted June 15, 2017 10:50 pm by Editor

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raises pride flag in nation's capital
We must get votes at any price

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was happy to raise the Pride flag on Parliament Hill yesterday. It was a first in the nation’s history. Trudeau was all too happy to acknowledge the work done so that “LGTB Canadians” have equal rights. The rainbow flag was flown to mark the start of Pride Month. June is to celebrate and promote sexual diversity.

However, Trudeau refuses to say a word about the March for Life held every year in Ottawa. The pro-life flag was even outlawed from being flown. And not one Liberal candidate can be pro-life. Trudeau must find this to be democratic and just. It’s the Liberal way. But it’s biased and wrong. The prime minster of Canada has learned where the votes come from, and he will do, go and wear whatever is necessary to get them. Attending the Pride Parade and related events brings in the votes.

Gays in Canada no longer need special legal protection. But in continuing to pretend that they are discriminated against gets them more attention and societal concessions, so the myth must be kept alive. Gays in Canada should stop the charade of being marginalized and persecuted because they’re not. They are in a position of privilege and power. Nevertheless, the lie must continue. It comes with many fringe benefits.

Consider the sad example of the eight year old child from Montreal who claims to be a drag queen. Yes, that’s what we wrote. The boy has the stage name “Lactatia” and performs vogue dances and catwalks in nightclubs and bars. Why would anyone want to do this to a child? Have gay children become the new trend in our gender fluid society? Perhaps, the concerning reality is that this child and others like him are being groomed. Is sexual transhumanism the Canada 150 that Canadians are to celebrate this year? Count us out.

Below is the video with “Lactatia” being interviewed. The YouTube video is accompanied by this disclaimer meant to reassure the viewer that all is well. (We are not at all re-assured.):

He has been taking dance classes for more than a year and today is performing in a dance competition. You go girl and show them how it’s done. The parents are always with Lactatia in all public events when he performs in drag so don’t worry people this kid is always in a safe and secure environment.

“This kid is always in a safe and secure environment.” Well, we don’t we believe that. The message also says: “Who said 8 years old was too young to be a superstar!!!!!” This is not about a child being a superstar. It’s about child abuse. This eight year old is being exploited. “Safe and secure environment” and an eight year old drag queen are contradictory terms. And isn’t the waving of the Pride flag by the prime minister supporting this? What a sick and horrible spectacle. Both the child and his parents need medical help and our prayers. That’s what our prime minister should be providing, not cheerleading this child’s mental illness.


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