OECTA again shows that it's anti-Catholic

Posted June 14, 2017 10:41 pm by Editor

OECTA again shows that it's anti-Catholic
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The Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) will be marching in the Toronto Pride Parade 2017. This is further proof that OECTA has ceased to be a Catholic organization, except for its name. We are grateful to Catholic Intelligence Blog for exposing this deception and following the story. Parents need to be made aware of what is happening because it percolates to the classroom.

To officially participate in the parade, a contract must be signed pledging total support for everything that Pride advocates. Here are some of the conditions in the contract that participating organizations must support, and it’s what OECTA has agreed to fully back:

The Applicant will tailor their messaging to be in accordance with: The theme of the Pride 2017 festival, or Pride’s International Grand Marshal or Human Rights program, or solidarity with the communities.

The Applicant operates in a manner consistent with the celebration of Pride and the positive value of diversity and identity in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, 2-spirited, Pansexual, and Asexual communities.

The Applicant hereby declares that policies upholding equal opportunity and non-discrimination have been adopted, by which discrimination on the grounds of Race, Colour, Creed, National Origin, Religious or Political affiliation, Sex, Age, Personal or Family Relationships, Disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Income Restrictions, Union Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression is prohibited by the organization/business or individual.

When OECTA agrees to comply with the all the Pride conditions, including those we have cited, they’re essentially saying and acting in a manner contrary to Catholic teaching when it comes to human sexuality, the person, marriage and family. This is a complete betrayal of Catholic beliefs.

In 2014, James Ryan the president of OECTA in a National Post article explained their participation at the Parade this way: “Our presence in this parade is a symbol of our support for students, teachers and others in the LGBTQ community and the discrimination and persecution that they face. I’ve also been very clear that we do support Catholic teachings on chastity … we’ve been very clear about what our participation means and what it doesn’t mean.” Ryan has mastered the doublespeak of political correctness.

OECTA says it’s Catholic, but at the same time wants the liberty to pick and choose which teachings they are going to respect. To say that the union believes in teaching about chastity, and then signs the agreement to fully back the Pride Parade, is hypocritical and dishonest. No doubt the current president Ann Hawkins and OECTA councillors support the same view. OECTA is free to march in any parade and hold any political position, but it should do so as a non-Catholic organization. What they are presently doing is just false advertising. The bishops of Ontario should have ended this on-going public scandal years ago. Parents and trustees should be making the union accountable. Teachers could seek legal advice and look at the possibility of not paying union dues. Actions speak louder than words. And money talks the loudest.

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