Clash of Cultures: pressure mounting on societies to resolve cultural dissonance created by failing "progressive" policies.

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There is no rational basis, no justification of any kind for the horrifically painful mutilation of young girls.
USA—Female Genital Mutilation

Assistant U.S. Attorney Sara Woodward disclosed the information while trying to convince a judge to keep a doctor and his wife locked up in the historic case. It involves allegations that two Minnesota girls had their genitals cut at a Livonia clinic in February as part of a religious rite of passage and were told to keep what happened a secret.

“Due to the secretive nature of this procedure, we are unlikely to ever know how many children were cut by Dr. (Jumana) Nagarwala,” Woodward said, referring to the lead defendant in the case, later adding, “The Minnesota victims were not the first victims.”

The government believes the three defendants, all members of a local Indian-Muslim sect, subjected numerous girls to genital cutting procedures over a 12-year period. To date, the government says it has identified eight victims — including the two Minnesota girls — though Woodward said the government estimates there could be as many as 100 victims. She said that’s a conservative estimate, and that it’s based on Dr. Attar’s alleged admission to authorities that he let Nagarwala use his clinic up to six times a year to treat children for genital rashes.

FGM has been banned in Canada since 1997.

England—Three self identified muslim girls attack woman.

Nursery worker is left with broken ribs and needing stitches after she was punched and kicked to the ground and slashed with a Stanley knife by three girls shouting ‘Allah will get you’.

USA—Iraqi and Eritrean youth violence against little girl in Idaho.

TWIN FALLS — The lawyer for the family of a 5-year-old who was sexually abused by three boys at a local apartment complex a year ago said Tuesday his clients were unhappy with the outcome of the case.

Mark Guerry told the Idaho Statesman his clients “are not satisfied with the final result of these proceedings.” However, he said he couldn’t go into more detail due to an order from 5th District Magistrate Judge Thomas Borresen sealing the case and ordering the lawyers involved not to talk about it.

Twin Falls County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs announced a plea deal in the case in April. At the time, Guerry said the family agreed to the plea bargains, but they were not “fully satisfied with the outcome of these cases or the prosecuting attorney.”

Two of the boys involved in the Fawnbrook assault, aged 10 and 14, are from Eritrea, and one, age 7, is from Iraq. Loebs announced in April that one boy pleaded guilty to felony exploitation of a child and misdemeanor battery, while a second pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting felony lewd conduct and aiding and abetting misdemeanor battery. The third pleaded guilty to a charge of accessory to the commission of a felony.

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Violence against German Women

Sexual violence in Germany has reached epidemic proportions since Chancellor Angela Merkel allowed into the country more than one million mostly male migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Gatestone Institute first reported Germany’s migrant rape crisis in September 2015, when Merkel opened up the German border to tens of thousands of migrants stranded in Hungary. A follow-up report was published in March 2016, in the aftermath of mass attacks against German women by mobs of migrants in Cologne, Hamburg and other German cities.

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Franc—No-go Zones

Paris: des femmes victimes de harcèlement dans les rues du quartier Chapelle-Pajol

Des femmes de ce quartier de l’est de Paris se plaignent de ne pas pouvoir se déplacer sans essuyer des remarques et des insultes de la part des hommes.

Ce sont plusieurs centaines de mètres carrés de bitume abandonnés aux seuls hommes, et où les femmes n’ont plus droit de cité. Cafés, bars et restaurants leur sont interdits. Comme les trottoirs, la station de métro et les squares. Depuis plus d’un an, le quartier Chapelle-Pajol, à Paris (Xe- XVIIIe), a totalement changé de physionomie : des groupes de dizaines d’hommes seuls, vendeurs à la sauvette, dealeurs, migrants et passeurs, tiennent les rues, harcelant les femmes.

Perhaps the most appropriate image that comes to mind is an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand (of political correctness). Multiculturalism is as imperialistic as the old colonialism which harnessed foreign resources for domestic consumption, often with little benefit to local populations, and which redrew political boundaries forcing together old enemies in a divide and conquer strategy, a strategy that is boomeranging at Western nations that employed exploitative practices which various pundits have long warned would result in a rebounding wave of injustice.
Multiculturalism, or more precisely Western socialist imperialist ideology, extends its tentacles oversees by attempting to force family-friendly (African) cultures to promote contraception and accept abortion (under the guise of “women’s health” or “sexual and reproductive health”) or forgo financial aid.

[There is] a terrifying resurgence of a colonialist spirit under the guise of the appealing names of liberty, equality, rights, autonomy, democratization and development. Condoms, contraceptives, sex education programs fabricated elsewhere, purely technical and deprived of moral content, so-called “safe abortions”, have become commodities that are more accessible to Africans than the way of delivering integral development, of which we have such a vital need.

It can no longer be denied that under the euphemism of “sexual and reproductive health and rights”, such programs are plainly imposed as a condition for development assistance. Such is also the case of the so-called “gender perspective,” according to which motherhood, the filial and nuptial identity of the human being and the family based on marriage between a man and a woman would be “discriminatory stereotypes.” No! Women and men in Africa are not mere individuals, autonomous from their parents, spouses, children: women, men, children, we are all persons, created out of love and for love, and we all belong to a family and a community, vitally, ontologically and emotionally united!

Africans are becoming aware of the ongoing manipulation. Africa is not developing in harmony with her soul. The agents of the civilization of death are using ambivalent language, seducing decision-makers and entire populations, in order to make them partners in the pursuit of their ideological objectives. They are co-opting a great many in partnerships of which they are, in reality, the masters. They take advantage of poverty, weakness and ignorance in order to subject peoples and governments to their blackmail.

Extortion overseas and extortion at home.
The regressive policies of our current engineers are incapable of mitigating the real dangers that attend to jamming together cultures that are mutually opposed. Opposed, in the sense that far too many immigrants who have left behind violent Middle Eastern countries are bringing with them hard-to-shake violent behaviours that harm women and children and which make integration virtually impossible. Opposed, as in not all cultures are healthy and oriented to morality predicated upon acceptance of inalienable rights.
Instead of the synthesis of cultures desired by social progressives who see everything through lenses which filter out all nuance, especially nuanced religious sensitivities or liabilities, societies that have opened their doors to refugees have become tragically prone to instability and violence created by poor formation in democratic ideals such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, security of the person, the rule of law, the equality of men and women, and so forth.
Legitimate refugees in Europe are feeling intense pressure from other immigrants who are, for the most part, economic migrants who show little or no tolerance toward their more docile brethren.
Germany—Violence against Christian converts.

Christian refugee converts in Germany face violent attacks

Recently, an Afghan woman who converted to Christianity was murdered. More and more refugees in Germany are being targeted for turning away from Islam. Are these only isolated cases?

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