Freedom of speech in Canada suffers another blow

Posted June 10, 2017 10:04 pm by Editor

Freedom of speech in Canada suffers another blow
Supreme Court of Canada rejects Ezra Levant’s appeal

The founder and owner of Rebel Media Ezra Levant this past week was regrettably denied his appeal by the Supreme Court of Canada. The appeal was over a defamation ruling by an Ontario court. Khurrum Awan the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) took Levant to court for defamation, for calling him an anti-Semite. The Canadian Islamic Congress is an anti-Semitic organization that has pushed for the legalization of terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbolla.

In court, Awan said that he was not an anti-Semite and claimed that he had no knowledge of the organization’s views about Jews. The judge sided with Awan and ruled that Levant had failed to prove his anti-Semitic accusation. Levant was found guilty of defamation, and now the Supreme Court has rejected his appeal. He has to pay $80,000 to Awan, in addition to legal cost. This decision is another serous blow to the freedom of speech in Canada. It’s a terrible decision that sets a horrible precedent. It will further muffle journalistic freedom in Canada.
Here’s Levant’s reaction: “what worries me more is that a legal precedent has now been set: if you call a leader of an anti-Semitic group, ‘anti-Semitic’, you can be sued for defamation. Every newspaper columnist, every political activist, every Jewish or Christian student in university must now be extremely careful. There is outrageous anti-Semitism on campuses these days. That’s not illegal. But calling members of those groups anti-Semitic can be illegal, if you don’t say it in just the right way.”
In 2006, Awan took the Canadian writer Mark Steyn to three human rights commissions. He accused Steyn of writing an article in McLean’s overly critical of Muslims. Awan’s charge against Levant was based on the reporting Levant did during the human rights hearings against Steyn. Awan has learned that he can use the Canadian courts to his advantage.

What is Awan doing currently? Yes, you’re right. He’s involved in another legal case. He married and moved to Regina. He works as a lawyer. There he has filed a law suit against his neighbour who is an elderly woman in her 70’s. What’s the claim about? A few overhanging tree branches fell from the lady’s yard and this Awan claims has restricted the full use of his property.

But it gets worse. He’s also suing because that same neighbour has a large cross displayed in her backyard. According to the lawsuit, the cross is a “violation of human rights” and “an attempt to intimidate and discriminate against the Plaintiffs, who are visible minorities and visible Muslims.” Awan is asking for $60,000 from this Catholic senior for a few branches that fell on Awan’s side and for discrimination for having a cross on her property.

Awan, as a lawyer, knows how to exploit the Canadian courts to advance his Islamic views. This development should seriously concern Canadians but especially Christians. If Awan wins the court case, it greatly undermines freedom of religion in Canada.

Levant has asked his viewers to help him with the court costs. He writes, “I know what this poor lady in Regina is going through. I’m going to send her some money too, to help cover her legal bills. I don’t know who’s right or wrong about the branches and trees. I don’t care about that. But when a Muslim bully sues a little old lady for having a cross on her property, we’ve simply got to help her. I will personally take money from my own legal defence fund to help her.”

I have decided to support Levant and the elderly lady now facing this unnecessary and possibly costly lawsuit. We must fight back to protect freedom of speech, the Western notion of religious freedom and democracy. We have the right to publicly display the cross. Please watch the video posted as Levant explains the issue. If you agree, you can help by going to


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