What is prayer? A few thoughts.

Posted June 9, 2017 8:06 pm by Isten Joe

What is prayer?
  1. Prayer is making a place in one’s heart for God into which God, as He so wills, pours His grace.
  2. Prayer is listening for the voice of God in the obvious, loving, true and beautiful moments in life when those moments are so perfectly timed and tailored as to preclude the conclusion that the source could be anything but the voice of God.
  3. Prayer is the desire to please God hidden within the doubt of not knowing how to please God. Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief (St Mark 9:24)
  4. Prayer is a wound through which the Holy Spirit shines into the soul to heal.
  5. Prayer is immersion in the knowledge that God is Present in His word and sacrament.
  6. Prayer is the last gasp at the end of the day, a cry to God for help, for healing, for love, for relief, for forgiveness, in praise and thanksgiving for graces received, a silent or sung hymn of praise offered to God for Who He is with no expectation nor attachment to our wants and needs, save our need to love God and to grow in that love for God.
  7. Prayer is a simple word or phrase inviting God to be with us, resting in the confident assurance that He is already present to us.
  8. Prayer is the unspoken orientation of the heart to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  9. Prayer is communion with the family of God, the Church in Heaven, in Purgatory and on earth.
  10. Prayer is placing before the throne of God the needs of others.
  11. Prayer is the love shared between spouses that draws them closer to God in the union of their minds, bodies and souls, a union that reaches out to God for the grace to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.
  12. Prayer is the moment we stop running, when we reach out with our hearts and minds vulnerable and concentrated, and allow God to catch us, to capture us.
  13. Prayer is being consumed by the need to be present to God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  14. Prayer is the shared hope of two souls who yearn to be one and who kneel in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on the eve of their wedding day, sharing the chaste joy of anticipation with the only One Who can give them all that they seek.
  15. Prayer is dying with words of love for God and neighbour upon our lips as our bodies fade and our souls prepare to meet our Creator.
Are you in a state of grace? Been to confession lately? Do not hesitate. Go to confession and be freed of those obstacles to God’s grace.

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