The Diet-Vocab Pact

Posted June 9, 2017 4:32 pm by Mrs McLean

The Diet-Vocab Pact

Reader (of the lurker variety) Squirrel has asked me to be her Accountability Buddy as she embarks on the eight-week Blood Sugar Diet. She has bought The Fast Diet Recipe Book and swore off booze last night. This is a woman who habitually puts two spoonfuls of sugar in her morning beverage, so hardship lies ahead. She would like your prayers.

Unlike me, Squirrel finds that shame helps her to stick to her resolutions. Thus she will tell me every day what she weighs and how many calories she consumed and if she snapped and ate a tub of ice-cream or drank a glass of the Englishwoman’s Little Helper at “wine o’clock.” 
Today is Day 1 of her eight-week regimen, so let us see her vital statistics:
Squirrel Height: 5’4″
Squirrel Weight: 11 stone 1 (155 pounds)
Squirrel Bust: 36″
Squirrel Waist: 32″
Squirrel Belly: 35.5″ 
Squirrel Hips: 42″
Squirrel Thigh: 24″
Since Squirrel is inspired by shame, I will observe that bust and belly are almost the same circumference. However, this is not as shameful as it is dangerous to health. As the Polish children’s song observes, it is good for a pear to have a fat belly. All the sweetness of a pear is in its belly, and “nobody wants a skinny pear.” However, we must admit that the same cannot be said for non-pregnant human females. Fat bellies lead us to diabetes, heart attacks, amputations and death, not a starring role in chocolate-pear pie.

To cheer us up, here is the Polish Pear Song again:

Squirrel’s eight-week goal is to lose a stone, which is to say, 14 pounds. I caution her that it is absolutely essential to keep off bread, potatoes, pasta, alcohol and such other staples of the carboholic British diet.
In return for this Accountability Buddyness, every evening I will send the Squirrel a list of the 15 vocabulary words I mastered that day: 5 Polish, 5 Italian and 5 Ancient Greek. 

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