Italian Magic

Posted June 6, 2017 7:05 pm by Mrs McLean

Cherubs, the stress. All I do is write and telephone strangers and eat lunch at my desk and occasionally remember to get up and walk around a bit and do bits of housework at odd moments. I haven’t been this busy since theology school.

Today I did an hour’s work before rushing off to my new Italian tutor. He greeted me in English.  I greeted him in Italian. He switched to Italian and got me a coffee. We spoke Italian for an hour–about Italian-Canadians in Toronto when I was growing up (and when he was there), about Norcia, about  my new job, about where in Italy I have been. It was like being on holiday in Italy. I was suffused with sunny, on-holiday feelings. When my hour was up, I felt high on language and sunshine. I could almost smell the bougainvillea in Lazio.

“Italian literally makes me happy,” I thought.

Sadly, I had to work late tonight and so couldn’t get to Polish class. But eventually I will get my work-language balance sorted out.

Here’s my latest news article, improved by my editor. It’s on-the-job training, and I have a lot to learn! Gone are the days I could lackadaisically work on just one piece, taking my time but getting it all done in one uninterrupted sitting. However, when I consider the circumstances in which I have sometimes filed–e.g. in an underground internet bar in Warsaw–I realize that I am no stranger to journalistic challenges.

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