Saint Damien of Molokai: Hero of Hawaii – Virginia Helen Richards, D. Thomas Halpin and Anne Bergstrom

Posted May 13, 2017 2:04 am by Steven R. McEvoy

Saint Damien of MolokaiHero of HawaiiVirginia Helen RichardsD. Thomas HalpinAnne Bergstrom (Illustrator)Pauline Books and MediaISBN 9780819871268eISBN 9780819871800ASIN B005F1Q7L0I have read a number of books about the life of Saint Damien of Molokai. But this is the first book in the ‘Encounter the Saints’ series from Pauline Books and Media that I have read and I loved it! This book is written for readers in the ages 8-12 range but to be honest an adult could easily enjoy it and get through it in an afternoon or 2 of reading. Even with having read about a half dozen other books about

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