WFMP 2017 Dissident keynotes #catholic #oecta #ocsb #carfleo #tcdsb #s2bgn

Posted May 7, 2017 1:14 am by catholicintelligenceassoc

WFMP 2017 Dissident keynotes #catholic #oecta #ocsb #carfleo #tcdsb #s2bgn

Both WFMP keynote speakers are known for their extreme dissident views
McGowan queered St Mike’s College and was a critic of the Bishops Respecting Differences document

Welcome to WFMP 2017!

OCSB gets a pro-GSA dissident to speak to 3000 teachers

Michael higgins is an ultra liberal “spirit of vatican 2” guy. Big fan of pierre trudeau who brought in abortion. He is also a big fan of homosexualiat Greg Baum. Of course, higgins is a fave on cbc, the toronto star etc
One can only imagine how bad the actual wfmp sessions will be, Past wfmp sessions have been very anti-Catholic.
WFMP conference and EIE and LGBT. #OCSB

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