#OCSB pushes gender ideology in climate survey t0 Grade 4s! #catholic #OECTA #ottnews

Posted April 19, 2017 9:56 pm by catholicintelligenceassoc

#OCSB pushes gender ideology in climate survey t0 Grade 4s! #catholic #OECTA #ottnews

Pope Francis has called Gender ideology “diabolical”. OCSB pushes demonic ideas on 9 year old children!!

There was NO need to do this!! The TCDSB does not ask such an outrageous anti-Catholic question to 9 year olds

We guess OCSB buys more into the whole OECTA trans gender ideology push
#OECTA’s embarrassing propaganda on “#catholic” schools #ocsb #toronto #ottnews #onted
OCSB continues to ignore the Bishops and Ottawa-based COLF:
We can find nothing noting how parents can have their children exempted from this survey. On the OCSDSB website and other Catholic boards’ websites, they openly discuss opt-out procedures
above calls it voluntary and clear directions on opt out..
in contrast:http://phi.ocsb.ca/announcements/schoolclimatesurveyparentinformation
” All students in Grades 4-12

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