Pope Saint John Paul’s 11th Station

Posted April 14, 2017 10:20 pm by admin

Jesus is nailed to the Cross.
V. Adoramus te, Christe, et benedicimus tibi.
R. Quia per sanctam crucem tuam redemisti mundum.
From the Gospel according to Mark. 15:25-27
And it was the third hour, when they crucified him.
And the inscription of the charge against him read:
“The King of the Jews.”
And with him they crucified two robbers
one on his right and one on his left.
“They have pierced my hands and feet, I can count all my bones” (Ps 22:16-17). “I can count…”: how prophetic were these words! And yet we know that this body is a ransom. The whole of this body, its


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