2017-2018 Course Registration Form

Posted April 3, 2017 7:28 pm by Karen Hanlon

Course Registration 2017-2018

Planning Your Course Registration

Before registering, it is important to consult the Academic Calendar for:
Certificate/Degree Requirements;
Overload/Underload permissions.
Second years should ensure that they are registered in Ethics (if pursuing the Associate Certificate and/or a Concentration in Philosophy), Survey of Literature and one of Moral/Spiritual Theology, Survey of Scripture and Magisterial Thought.
Those considering transferring to an American Catholic college should plan to complete two years of Latin to fulfill the language requirements of most programs.
History Concentrations: (Plan for 6 History courses beyond the Core over the next 2 years in addition to your 3 history Distribution credits.) This year, take Medieval World, Monasticism and

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